Rob Lowing ­ The Sun Herald ­ 03/06/07
"The most elegant told and genuinely touching Australian drama in ages."
"A great Australian film…a totally unexpected treat."

Margaret Pomeranz ­ ABC TV ‘At The Movies’ ­ 23/05/07
"A major achievement for our industry…a very quietly moving experience."

Chris Bartlett ­ QLD Sunday Mail ­ 03/05/07
"A story that will grab and twist your heart." "A quality Australian drama that helps makes up for all those awful comedies."

Clark Forbes - Sunday Herald Sun ­ 03/05/07

Michael Adams ­ The Movie Show ­ SBS Television 31/05/07

Empire Review Central 31/05/07

Ron Banks - The West Australian 31/05/07
"Its achievement is to create from its ruins a sense of the ultimate triumph of the human spirit."

Vicky Roach - The Advertiser (Adelaide) 31/05/07
"Must see!"
1/2 (out of 4)

Peter Galvin ­ Inside Film Magazine - May 2007
"Eric Bana in a screen performance that is arguably his best so far."
"An episodic narrative of impressions and feelings."

Helen Garner - The Monthly magazine May 2007
" I know I will never forget it."

Jim Mitchell - Filmink June 07
"$13.50" (out of $15.50)
"An all pervading sense of hope in the ties that bind between father and son."

Michele Asprey ­ The Law Society Journal, June 2007
“Staggeringly beautiful”