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Literary Critic’s praise for Raimond Gaita’s novel

Romulus, My Father, which I read when it first came out in 1998, was the most beautiful homage to a father by a son that I had ever read and I considered it to be a landmark in Australia literature. I have since re-read it several times. It has become a deeply cherished literary terrain for me and continues to be an influence in my life, a reference point that I go to with pleasure and confidence when I need to be reassured about the good things in this world. It is an inspirational book – inspired by love.
Alex Miller  (Winner of the Myles Franklin and the Commonwealth Writers Awards), The Daily Telegraph


"Raimond Gaita's memoir Romulus, My Father ... explores migration, marriage and madness in passionate doses; themes delivered with an alertness of mind, a subtlety of humour and a fully exposed and often frightened heart."
Tony Maniaty, Australian


"Here is a marvellous book … an original meditation on life itself: character, conversation, friendship, morality and the terror of insanity. All in all, an inspiring if challenging way to start the new millennium."
The Spectator (London)


"The moving intensity of the narrative makes Romulus, My Father a triumph of intercultural acceptance– it presents a picture of work and suffering, of a generation labouring under necessity, but preserving their dignity."
Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany)


"Told with impeccable simplicity, with great philosophical depth and a complete absence of rhetoric … A true narrative gem."
ABC Cultural (Barcelona)


 “Extraordinary and beautiful…a profound meditation on love and death, madness and truth, judgement and compassion.”
Richard Flanagan, Sunday Age


“Consistently astounding…one of the most remarkable works of autobiography I have read for years, a memoir of absolutely compelling tragi-comic quality.”
Peter Craven, Australian


“As compelling to read as a novel…the often beautiful evocations of landscape and the episodes of high drama painstakingly recalled…are likely to ensure that ROMULUS, MY FATHER approaches the success of the book it has already been compared to, the bestselling A FORTUNATE LIFE.”

Jamie Grant, Quadrant


“Gaita’s book is a moving account of his father’s commitment to words and of his struggle with a world of feelings that his words cannot get hold of…Tenderness is at the heart of the book.”

Graham Little, Eureka Street


“This turbulent and tormented story of a migrant family’s life scarred by mental illness, skewed passions and suicide is a troubled tale relieved profoundly by compassion and honesty…it is an insight into human hope, dignity and darkness."

Canberra Times


“Beautifully written…a panegyric to a man whose courage and integrity are apparent even in his darkest moments…an inspiring book.”

Art Streams


“Gaita brilliantly captures the distressing immigrant experience of struggle and displacement in the rugged Australian landscape. This is a deeply personal account of passion, deceit and tragedy.”

Who Weekly


“I predict a brilliant career for ROMULUS, MY FATHER. Raimond Gaita’s account of his father’s life shines…compelling and terrible events co-exist with episodes that are amusing and entertaining. I read it compulsively.”

Herald Sun


“Enthralling…a tale about madness, suicide, affliction and betrayal…a rare and passionate book, the like of which has seldom been seen in Australia.”

Sydney Morning Herald


“A sustained dialogue with the past from which the present has been born, and an extended essay on madness and death, love and friendship, beauty, truth and morality…Romulus fills every page with his presence.”

The Age


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Raimond Gaita's Romulus My Father